My Inconvenient Truth


I am a Baby Stepper and I’ve finally decided to own it

Years ago I was described as the newborn baby bird who slowly pecks her way out of the shell. That description came from my mother and I proceeded to file it away along with all of the other evidence proving that “You just don’t get me”. Turns out she did. The real problem was that I didn’t get me.

I spent the next few decades attempting to take giant leaps and massive action- each time falling flat on my face. That’s not quite right, my fall was always preceded by a two week goal attacking frenzy. Was I discouraged? Nooooo. Each fail made me even more determined to find the magic formula. It was revelatory to realize that I simply needed to work for what I wanted on my own terms..Baby Step style.

Sadly, not accepting who I was made it easy for me to ignore or minimize those things I actually did accomplish at that slow, measured pace. I should have respected my accomplishments, but I had been seduced by society’s message that Faster! More! is the goal and didn’t allow myself to appreciate them. No more. Is there a place for those of us who get where we want and need to be by riding the Baby Step Express? Oxymoron aside, I’m pretty sure there is…

So do you beat yourself up with thoughts that you “should” be doing life at a faster pace? Have you stopped working out because you felt that exercising 10-15 minutes a day is kinda lame? Are you trying to master a new language by learning one or two new words a day- but wonder what’s the point? Has it taken you twenty years to finally earn that degree? I could go on and on, but you get the idea and if that’s the case- we are kindred spirits. My goal is to provide other baby steppers with resources, information that motivates, inspiration, support and accountability- as well as chronicling my own journey as we each go about crushing obstacles, achieving goals and relishing the journey- one baby step at a time.

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