B-Step Gratitude Challenge


John Kralik, the author of this book, had suffered through a self-described “Year From Hell”. In January 2008, in the midst of his misery, he began the project of sending a thank you note to someone in his life every day for the next 365 and by the end, found that this simple exercise had transformed his life. I bought this book while traveling in Colorado last year and twice attempted to begin my own thank you note project- but I never got beyond three days. Ever been there? Great intentions, not so great execution? It’s not surprising since Baby Steppers will often initially bite off way more than we can chew.

With that in mind, how about joining me in taking a smaller bite? A written thank you note to a different person each day for the next week. Still too much? How about a note a week to a different person for the next 7 weeks. No texts, emails or phone calls. Regular mail only. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I got any kind of personal communication delivered by mail. A written note will have a far greater impact on the recipient than for example, a text- or so they tell me. Since I never got beyond three days, I’ll have to take their word for it.

Your personal challenge can begin at any time. Mine will be starting soon. I’d love to read about your results and I’ll be sharing mine!

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