The Scoop


Hey Howdy! My name is Michele Denise aka “Shelly D”.

You may have some questions and I’ve got answers

How can I contact you?
You can reach me at:
“Like” my Facebook page:
The Baby Step Chronicles
Follow me on Twitter:

What is this blog about?
I used to live in a super sized body. I am now in the process of crafting a super sized life. I plan to share resources, goals, action plans, inspiring people and personal experiences.

What is this blog NOT about:
Babies. Babies taking steps. Stepford babies. Babies exercising with steppers.

Why a blog?
I’ve been writing imaginary posts for 3-4 years. That was a whole lotta mental energy expended with nothing to show for it.

What would you be surprised to know about me?
You couldn’t pay me to be 21 again

What kind of people would be interested in my blog?
A Baby Stepper or the more politically correct “Velocity Challenged” individual who is interested in personal growth and transformation.

What kind of person would not be interested in my blog?
The “Turbo Charged” individual who has already grown and transformed.

Is there a middle ground between these two types of blog readers?

Anything else?
Yes. Robert B. Jackson, my 6th grade teacher at Newberry Elementary School, told me that one day my writing would make me famous. Of course he had no way of knowing that by 2015 -everyone would be famous. With this blog I can take my place among the myriads of bloggers well known by 10’s perhaps 20’s of people.

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